Hire me as a contractor

Snijders IT focuses on developing high-end networks and providing consultancy on everything for which the network is an integral part. But what does that mean exactly?

IPv6 deployment

We can help you deploy IPv6 from scratch or update your network infrastructure to modern standards. As a trainer at, for example MENOG's IPv6 Roadshow, we are fully qualified to assist and train your staff how to implement IPv6. We have deployed IPv6 at the border, core and distribution layer of multiple large ISPs in both Cisco and Juniper environments, using techniques such as MPLS (6PE, 6VPE, CsC), LISP or completely native.

Network Architecture

Being vendor agnostic, one of our specializations is charting old infrastructures and migrating accordingly. If your organisation requires new features in the network rapidly, or could use assistance designing the next iteration of the backbone, we can help.

Help with RIPE NCC

Snijders IT can assist in your relation with the RIPE NCC, and can help you obtain IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks or an Autonomous System number.

Research and Development

We can help your organisation when you need expert review or a feasibility study for vendor proposed solutions. Also we can explore what options are available when complex situations arise. One example is guiding a Dutch ISP from a classic MPLS backbone for L3VPNs to a novel, much cheaper, LISP-based solution.

Areas of expertise

MPLS, BGP, OSPF, LISP, IPv6, Loadbalancing, Firewalling, VPN, IPSEC, DNS, DNSEC, Storage, Puppet, Virtualisation, Security and LISP. However, we can probably assist you with anything through which packets flow.

Feel free to contact me to discuss what I can do for your organisation.

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